The Street In The Sky

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Above the bustle of Halifax Borough Market are two hidden streets, The Streets in the Sky.

They run alongside the roof of the market and look out onto the streets of Halifax, and on the other, through tall panes of glass, you can look in onto the market stalls below. At the risk of sounding like a line from Dr Who, the houses are a lot bigger than you think on the inside. Each house holds its own particular story. Behind those sturdy front doors, we walked into spacious houses, three storeys high. Some still hold beautiful period features and the light streams through dusty sash windows.


The houses were originally occupied by the market workers. They’d access their stall from Fruit lab Mini Vape their house. Two are still lived in.


Stepping into the houses, there are remnants of life.


On the end is where the old Peacock Hotel was. There’s still the dumbwaiter in place, if a little bit dusty, and there are faded signs of decadence.


I’d heard so much about this place and it was the perfect way to end a day of working with the ebdesign bc5000 disposable fuji ice 5000 puffs market. We’re making a film about it, documenting the people that work there, the heart and soul of the market. It’s really under my skin this one, and I’m looking forward to showing you when we’ve finished it.

This is me at the end of the shoot taken by our friend Chris.


If you’d like to see what’s going on at the market, you can keep up to date with news on the Facebook page here.