Welcome to the Halifax Borough Market website.

Our wonderful Victorian market sits bang in the centre of Halifax, 2 minutes walk from The Piece Hall, and 5 minutes walk from the station and Eureka Children’s museum. The Halifax Borough Market was first opened in 1896 and has been the beating heart of the town ever since. 

Visitors from all over the world come to experience a real slice of Yorkshire life here, see the vast, stunning Victorian building and wander through the maze of stalls.

If you visit on certain dates you can join in on one of the guided tours that take in the history of the market, introduce you to traders and visit the unique ‘Street in The Sky’ – a full street of terrace houses and an old Victorian hotel, all above the high roof of the market!

The market is currently undergoing some changes, so if you visit you will see areas under construction. This is to kick start a new lease of life for the building, and to take it forward into the future, so it still remains that strong beating heart for the community.

So, welcome to The Halifax Borough Market. Come & Explore…

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Our current campaign highlights the great stuff that we have in the market, with a nod to Victoriana (and a tiny bit of Monty Python!). 


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